The Pineal Gland, the seat of consciousness, is the connection between entire body soul and spirit.
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It is positioned in the middle of the mind specifically at the rear of the eyes, in a little cave higher than the Pituitary Gland. The Pineal Gland is pretty little, lesser than a pea, reddish grey in colour and is formed like a pine cone. The Pineal Gland is the mind’s eye, appears to be like like an eye and has all the factors needed for a working eye. Pinea is Latin for pine cone. Pine cone symbolism appears all more than the historical entire world, from the historic most superior civilizations of the Anunakis and the Sumerians, to the Greek and Roman traditions, to the Vatican and the personnel of the Pope. In historical Egypt the pine cone was a image of the staff members of Osiris. It was also referred to in Egyptian times as the Eye of Horus.

Right until extremely not long ago the Pineal Gland was considered of no distinct significance by the modern western clinical profession, irrespective of the reality that French thinker René Descartes (1596-1650) emphasised the Pineal Gland in his writings, calling it the seat of the soul and the element of the overall body in which the soul straight workouts its features. He said that this was the center at which the soul and the system interacted, and where we acquire our messages from the Divine realms. Long just before Descartes, Greek philosopher Plato thought it to be our link to the realms of believed and referred to the Pineal Gland as the Eye of Knowledge. It is also referred to as the mystical third eye that is liable for psychic awareness and perception of the metaphysical planet. The 3rd eye when activated can see further than the bodily and turns into the line of conversation with the larger planes of staying. This has extended been recognised in the japanese planet to the Hindus, Buddhist, Taoist and other historic traditions and is now currently being verified as a result of western scientific study.

We experience greater consciousness by the Pineal Gland also referred to as the God Molecule or the Spirit Gland. It is believed that the Pineal Gland in fact grows in size soon after many many years of regular meditation. In ancient India, the Maharishis, were being supermen with amazing powers, which incorporated making make any difference from human strength, telepathy, healing powers which incorporated time reversal of cells, invisibility, levitation, looking through from Akashic documents of equally previous and long term among other matters. Some of them experienced Pineal Glands as substantial as a lemon!

Jesus refers to the pineal gland when he states: ‘The light-weight of the overall body is the eye, if consequently, thine eye be one, thy full human body shall be full of light.’ With that he intended us to meditate on the pineal gland. He also stated: ‘The people today which sat in darkness noticed wonderful Light-weight.’ That means that they saw the Mild when their third eye was activated, right before that they had been in religious darkness. The symbol of the eye is the observer of truth or the illusion of our fact.

The crown chakra reaches down right until its vortex touches the Pineal Gland. When the Pineal Gland is activated we expertise greater consciousness of peace and oneness, we acquire enhanced skills to see energetic fields, auras encompassing men and women and objects, to get and transmit telepathic thoughts, pre-cognition of situations and much more these kinds of phenomenon. Activation of the Pineal Gland performs a important part on our route towards ascension.

A silver cord inbound links the astral overall body to the bodily entire body by means of the Pineal Gland. This tiny gland in the brain is the portal for the reception of better vibrations of light-weight. The mild electrical power from the bigger dimensions that pulsates from the Galactic Center enters the physical physique at the Pineal gland. This prana, or crucial vitality been given by means of the power middle in the head permits, with practice, the astral body to vibrate at a greater frequency so it can independent from the actual physical to entry the non secular gateway. When the Pineal Gland is woke up we experience a stress at the foundation of the mind and this tension will generally be seasoned as we connect to higher frequencies.

The Pineal Gland, aspect of the Endocrine Technique, secretes hormones these as Melatonin, Serotonin and DMT (dimethyl-tryptamine.) Serotonin and Melatonin are liable for our slumber, our meditative point out and our emotional point out of wellbeing including bliss and euphoria. Melatonin is made in the mind from Serotonin and its creation is made feasible by darkness and is inhibited by light-weight. When the gentle dims or goes out, Melatonin manufacturing that helps us to rest starts in the mind, it peaks fifty percent via the night time then starts to fall. We need to have to sleep in total darkness so that enough Melatonin is manufactured to enhance our common wellbeing. DMT, nicknamed the Spirit Molecule, is considered to release all through dreaming, throughout spiritual and mystical experiences and through the time of demise. DMT, which is made by the brain all through the time we are in hefty REM slumber, is related with accurate mystic potential of non-physical actuality and spiritual knowledge. I have examine that DMT is also produced in added significant doses when we are near to demise, to allow for us to contemplate our life, as properly as to make it much easier for us to pass on. We usually hear of persons whose finish lifetime runs as a result of like a rapidly film when nearing death.