You go to the extreme end of the world and you will find people love the fashion the way you and your friends do. With technology the world is turning into a global village and any breakthrough in any field affects the whole world. Any new technology developed, any new development, any new invention made by one person at one end of the world, blesses the whole world instantly. And it happens in the world of fashion as well. Fashion of Far East is liked by the fashion lovers of the West and western fashion in no time is embraced by consumers in eastern countries. If we can accept this distinct fashion so easily, how can we ignore the ongoing trends of fashion of our neighboring countries? Recently our neighbor Pakistan has shown how contemporary, design oriented and elegant its sense of fashion is. To know which Bollywood celebrity attended this event, buy celebrity images online.

For some people India and Pakistan could be nothing but nuclear armed rivals, for some the arch rivals in cricket or hockey, some associate them with partition chaos dating back to 1947 and some with continuous wars and tension at border, but the people who had recently visited the trade fair in Delhi would have experienced a different thing. There we saw how similar our love for fashion is. We share same history, similar eating habits and so on and therefore our choice has to be similar as well. Numerous beautiful sarees, Salwar Kamij and other garments showcased by different Pakistani designers were appreciated by Indian customers on the inauguration day of Lifestyle Pakistan in New Delhi. Amidst many designers from Pakistan in this trade fair, one name emerged out of the crowd because it was a Hindu name. Deepak Parwani, Pakistan fashion designer was happy about his first of its kind of exposure outside the Pakistani fashion circuit. Deepak Parwani was one of the 650 business people from Pakistan who were participating in the trade fair held at Delhi to improve the commercial relationship between India and Pakistan. To know more about the designer brands and clothes showcased in the event buy exclusive fashion and lifestyle images of the trade fair.

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