What is Right2freedom?

I’m Natalie Sisson, founder of the Suitcase Entrepreneur and the Freedom Plan and I believe everybody has the right to true freedom in life – whether that’s personal, physical, financial, social or political.

For the last 7 years I’ve been living out of my suitcase, traveling the world teaching myself and others how to create freedom in business and adventure in life. And I’ve become rather obsessed with it to be honest.

Freedom appears to be desired by everyone, yet not many people really know what it is or how to define what it means to them.

That’s why I’m starting the Right2Freedom initiative, which will allow us to recognize where we fit on the Global Freedom Scale what we can do to improve this for ourselves and others.

The Right2Freedom movement is designed to ensure that every individual has the right to choose freedom on a daily basis. Our vision is to create a movement of 1,000,000 + people by 2020 who are achieving true freedom in life.

 The Right2Freedom is made up of 7 Phases:

 Phase 1

1.1 Research – Preliminary survey underway (began in early 2016) towards developing the World’s First Global Study on Personal Freedom in 2017
1.2 Assessment creation based on study results 2018
1.3 Community engagement/ book/ documentary/ podcast – throughout research and framework creation process

 Phase 2

Assessment creation (2017/2018) – From here we have decided on a series of offerings that take people on their own personal path to freedom and mastery. Starting with establishing the Freedom Assessment people can take to show them where they sit on the Freedom Scale and how to improve their lives already.

 Phase 3

R2F Foundation creation and Charity Partnerships (2018) – A proportion of profit from the sales of the Freedom Assessment and educational tools will go towards the Freedom Fund – a fund that will then be distributed to existing charities whose work helps people achieve more personal, physical, social, political or financial freedom. (Individuals can also donate their TIME or KNOWLEDGE in the field to these charities.)

 Phase 4

Development of further education workshops and Freedom Summit (2018)

 Phase 5

Ambassadorship – tours, education workshops, retreats (2018 onwards)

 Phase 6

R2Freedom Certification -individuals wanting to teach our framework (2019)

 Phase 7

R2Freedom Certified Business – organizations pass our assessment (2020)